Conference Lesson #5: YOU are my hiding place.

We were attending the last morning’s session. So much had already impacted me and I had several things on my mind…”how would we accomplish _________?”, “how will so and so react to _________?”, “how can we address ____________?”. Lots of challenge, lots of thoughts, already planning. Friday morning’s session started with some jokes, some announcements and a brief speaker. Then they brought up a guest worship group. Worshiping with over 5,000 people that are there with the intent of learning and growing closer to God and His purpose in their ministry is generally pretty powerful, so I geared up to experience the same thing we had the past several days.

I can’t even tell you the songs they did and I can’t tell you the name of the song that so deeply impacted me, but one of the worship leaders stepped forward and started a verse and the line was, “You are my hiding place.” Simple enough. It left me on my face, like literally, on my face, knelt down, on the floor squeezed between rows of auditorium seats, and FYI…that’s a tight space, and those floors are gross. All the sudden I was weeping. When I heard that line I felt like God spoke to my heart, “Let me be your hiding place. Stop hiding behind all these strategies and fears and thoughts of what others think, and hide in me.”

The psalmist wrote, “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” (Psalm 32:7)

To hide means “to conceal oneself”, and I hide. I hide in defensiveness, I hide with excuses, I hide in assuming what others think and then attempting to run ahead of those thoughts to control the outcome. I hide. And I felt like God just wanted to remind me that His provision and protection can “conceal” me in the right way. That if I allow God to be my protector, my defender, my PR manager…even when I will feel very seen and exposed, I will be ultimately hidden.

We all use things to shield ourselves. There are countless techniques we use to hide. I picture those scenes in cartoons where the little guy stands behind his protector, usually the much bigger guy that has stepped in between the little guy and some bully. I hear the little guy taunting, “Yeah! See!? What now?!? What cha gonna do!?!” Which translates, “Yeah! See! I’m little and scared but now this huge person that will scare you stands in between us and you can’t get to me.” Maybe we don’t like thinking of ourselves as “the little guy” but I think we all want that “big guy” to walk alongside us, so we can walk without being afraid. And if I knew, like really knew that God was there…wouldn’t I walk a little taller and have a few less worries? Wouldn’t I question everything I say and do a little less cause I would know that I was ultimately hidden?

What do you hide behind? It is an attitude, a list of accomplishments, a list of rites? How do you hide? Could there be a better hiding place?