COVID-19 Update

Because of the new numbers that surfaced yesterday, 10,000 new Covid cases per day in TN, or 3 times more than when the first shutdown occurred, and the new restrictions put in place by Governor Lee, we have decided to cancel in-person services for Christmas Eve and Sunday, December 27th. We will present GodWhy Classic services online for those two services. 

Going forward, we will reassess how to proceed as new information becomes available. Rest assured that we are doing all that we can to ensure the safety of all our GodWhy family and staff.  Please do whatever you can to remain safe during this difficult period, and exercise wisdom in regard to Christmas and New Year’s Eve gatherings. We encourage everyone to double down on prayers for this to dramatically turn around and end soon. 

Your continued support of GodWhy, both in your prayer and giving is tremendously appreciated and truly needed in order for us to see our way through this challenging time together. We will attempt, to the best of our ability, to keep everyone informed about new developments. Please reach out to us if you have questions, concerns, or needs.