When I attend a conference or go to hear a motivational speaker I take notes.  I use graph paper…for some reason the little boxes get me.  It’s like an organizers dream…lists, columns and straight lines are already provided!

When you attend a conference you always hope to be challenged, changed, and motivated. As a pastor you’re actually hoping that is also what happens as you teach.  But a confession: I’m always hoping to nail that one line…that sentence that is like a mic-drop, an emotional-pry-bar, a wall-busting-statement that radically changes lives.  Occasionally this happens, although, for me, it is often not the line I planned, but one that was randomly inserted in the midst of teaching. I’m okay with that.  Also, it’s hilarious when someone “quotes me” and…it’s not me.  So I kindly say, “Actually, that’s Romans 12.” or “I didn’t come up with that…it was Jesus.”

During creation God made statements and all things came into being.  “And God said…” (Genesis 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 22, 24, 26, 29…) So when you hear something, and your heart turns, you feel a nudge, or something inside you says, “That was for you.”, or maybe it feels like a gut-punch, just listen closely, maybe even take a note. God may be creating something.

God did not stop speaking 2000-ish years ago.  (This is not a statement about the authority of scripture, that’s a different discussion.) He loves to impact people through powerful statements and profound writings from the very children He created and gifted with language.  Many of the moments that impacted me at this conference were just such “one-liner” moments.  Not sure if the speakers planned these phrases, or they just slipped out; perhaps they wouldn’t even remember sharing these lines, but these sentences impacted me.

When I originally typed this to share I had added my initial thoughts/reactions when I heard each line.  I decided to delete them.  One, because Robbie (the guy over this whole blog project) recommends I stay around 500 words (which is WAY HARDER than it sounds).  And two, the real reason…I don’t want these lines to “hit you” like they did me.  I want them, if they even do at all, “hit you” like you need to receive them. If you had attended with me your graph paper might have looked very different from mine.  That’s part of the point, right?  But if any of these statements resonate with you…let’s get coffee, jenn@godwhy.com!

My One-Liners from the 2018 Orange Conference:

“81% of people SAY they want to write a book, but only 1% of them actually DO it.”
“The Gospel has NOTHING to do with your feelings.”
“He didn’t come to die on a cross so you could COPE.  He came so that you could be FREE.”
“Data kills denial.”
“YOU don’t control the miracle.”
“Do you see people as a PROBLEM or as an OPPORTUNITY?”