Ministries for all ages & places in life

Our Church is designed to reach people who want to know more about God but still have questions. We create opportunities for us all to explore the claims of Christ together at our own pace, giving everyone the time and space to judge for themselves if the Bible has answers that will empower our lives. We have ministries for all ages, places in life and more. We invite you to get plugged in!

Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Kidtown


Kidtown is for children of all ages! We are empowering children every week to change their world, one person at a time, one situation at a time, one choice at a time.

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Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Merge Middle School Ministry Students


MERGE is the middle school student ministry of GodWhy. We exist to bring middle school students together to develop their relationship with God and with each other.

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GAS Station

The Gas Station is a place where high school students are accepted, respected, and listened to. We create an environment where students are engaged by leaders who truly care who and where they are.

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Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Young Adults

Young Adults

Young adults is a ministry that strives to have a point of connection for the young adults and college students in our congregation and community at large through events, small groups, and deep discussions.

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Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Womens Ministry

Women’s Ministry

GodWhy’s Women’s Ministry exists to provide a place for women to come together to share their life, struggles, joy and blessings

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Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Mens Ministry

100% Groups

Several years ago we asked people to try “100% for 100 Days”…give your life to God as best you can, and if after 100 days you don’t like what happens…you can have your old life back.

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Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Care & Concern

Care & Concern

We have a committed and passionate Care & Concern Team that helps meet the needs of our church community.

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