Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Community

A Family & Community With Different Beliefs

You’ll find that we’re a melting pot full of people from all over Hendersonville, Gallatin, Goodlettsville and beyond with a number of beliefs and stories.

Godwhy Church Hendersonville

Meeting You Where You Are Without Judgement

You can take comfort when you step through our doors knowing that we never judge, condem or shame anyone for where they are in life or what they believe.

Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Beliefs

Exploring The Claims Of Christ & Your Questions

We understand that the whole God thing can be hard to get for those with questions. We seek to answer and discuss your questions in a healthy and engaging manner.

Godwhy Church Hendersonville - Serving

A Hendersonville Church Serving Locally & Beyond

Godwhy is a Hendersonville church that wishes to make an impact and serve our community and surrounding areas. We value our home and those in it.

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GodWhy Church is designed from the ground up for people who are seeking to know God but who still have questions. We understand that may mean that you may not be comfortable coming to service in Hendersonville on a Sunday at first, so we provide a way for you to watch our services online from any device, wherever you are.



Our Church is designed to reach people who want to know more about God but still have questions. We create opportunities for us all to explore the claims of Christ together at our own pace, giving everyone the time and space to judge for themselves if the Bible has answers that will empower our lives. We answer questions not by avoiding, but by embracing our culture as a vehicle to communicate truth about life through music, drama, media and the arts, and then examine how they relate to the timeless purposes of God. Our messages are accessible, understandable, brief and applicable to our daily lives. We invite you to join us on the journey.

Godwhy Church Hendersonville